Thursday, 10 November 2011

Placement Symposium, FCA&C, Sat 05th Nov 2011

Last Saturday saw delegates attend the symposium event for the lastest FCA&C exhibition 'Placement' at the Gateway Building in St Andrews. The curators Lowri Davis and Dawn Youll gave an account of their reasons for choosing each artist featured in the show. Both artists themselves, their common thread throughout the exhibition was Laura Ford whose object 'In Rememberance' - a five legged donkey, looking decidedly woeful, appeared in both Part1 and Part2 of the exhibition.

My favourite works from both parts were 3 beautiful, haunting tree sculptures by Claire Curneen - terracotta coloured trunks with gilded branches reaching stright upwards, and roots pointing down, searching for somewhere to take root. Although she is better known for her strange, melancholy figures, the trees were chosen for their ability to hint at an 'imagined place', more in keeping with the theme of the exhibition.

Ken Eastman and Conor Wilson also spoke about their own practices and the day was rounded off with a panel discussion chaired by Dr Natasha Mayo, and some questions from the floor. The latter part became quite a lively debate concerning the current popularity of Grayson Perry and his potential to represent the ceramics community. Needless to say, there were some divergent viewpoints on the matter, all adding to what was overall an interesting and thought provoking day!

See for forthcoming video of the event and more information on the artists involved

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  1. The Claire Curneen tree sculptures are very beautiful, in a strange magical way - like you say, very melancholy. It's probably a really lazy comparison but they remind me of Tim Burton's visions as well.

    Sounds like a really interesting day!