Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pecha Kucha Night, Dundee 08 Nov 2011

Tuesday night heralded the arrival of Pecha Kucha to Dundee! Creative Dundee hosted the event, with help from The Fleet Collective, allowing 11 speakers from various parts of the creative community to each give 20 slides worth of information to a receptive, 200-strong audience. The inaugural presentation was given by Philip Long, director of the V&A at Dundee project, swiftly spelling out the vision for the future of the project in 7 minutes! He was quickly followed by 10 other speakers, (with a quick beer break for good measure) all of whom rose to the challenge of a whirlwind style of speech which kept the audience on our toes. Along with the potential for black eyes, served up by the hugely engaging visual artist Louise Ritchie, and a fine performance from Vanilla Ink's Kate Pickering, Photographers, Game Designers, Animators and Eco Architects all took to the floor with gusto.
The night was finished off in style by Sink, a trio of musicians who improvised Balkan jazz stylee to slides they hadn't been allowed to see before the performance...a memorable performance!
The next installment is Feb 2012, so lets get booking...

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