Monday, 31 October 2011

Trip to London

This weekend I ventured down south to visit friends and take in a few exhibitions. As I will soon be starting my PhD at DJCAD in exhibition practices for design, I thought I'd get started on some practical research! Not too much of a chore...

We visited the Postmodernism exhibition and the Power of Making at the V&A, both interesting in very different ways. I've just been reading Glen Adamson's blog excerpts on the planning stages of Postmodernism, and this has shed some fascinating light on the processes of such a large scale exhibition at an institution like the V&A.

See the link for more details, it's really worth a look, either before or after a visit to the exhibition itself.

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  1. Thanks for the link - it's really interesting to read about the thought processes behind the decision making. I was also a bit surprised, perhaps naively, by the number of people involved in the process! The more I think about the post-modernism exhibition the more I like it.
    I was watching episode 9 of Mark Cousin's 'The Story of Film' last night and so many of the films discussed covered the themes from the exhibition.
    It was great to see you - here's to many more 'research' trips!